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Comprehensive Medical Exams - Because your pet cannot tell you her aches and pains, the examination is the most important part of any veterinary visit. The exam consists of a thorough review of your pet’s health, starting with vital signs such as temperature and heart rate, followed by an assessment of the skeletal structure, muscle structure, teeth, eyes and ears, heart and lung functions, abdominal organ palpation and a close look at your pet’s skin and coat. We also review diet and behavior for other clues to your pet’s health.
General and Orthopedic Surgery - Regardless of the procedure, from the more routine neuter or ovariohysterectomy (Spay) to the more complicated procedures, our surgical services are designed to provide excellence in patient care. Your pet will be individually monitored by a well trained team and the latest in monitoring equipment from induction to recovery. IV catheters and IV fluid therapy is standard. Pain control is essential to ensure the comfort of the patient. Sterile surgical gowns, instruments, and a limited access environment help reduce the chance of infection. Whenever practical and medically sound we use a CO2 surgical laser to minimize bleeding, seal nerve endings and improve patient comfort. Dr. Moore has used the laser as her primary surgical tool since 1994. She has extensive experience in many soft tissue surgical procedures and orthopedic repairs.
Diagnostic Testing - Following a comprehensive exam, or to fully diagnose an illness we can provide many laboratory tests on site which help to pinpoint a diagnosis more quickly and help to determine a treatment plan. We provide many routine screening tests to help ensure your pet’s good health, such as Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS, heartworm, tick borne diseases and intestinal parasite screenings. When more extensive tests are needed the doctor has access to national and regional laboratory services. Many times results are available the same day or the next day, depending on the tests selected. Some testing, such as allergy screenings may take more than a day for results.
Dental Prophylaxis and Care - We provide comprehensive dental services, from routine teeth cleaning to surgical repair and/or tooth extraction where indicated. General anesthesia is required for most dental procedures. We provide monitoring and post-procedure care, including pain control to ensure a safe and successful treatment. If your pet has bad breath, it could be what they just ate from the back yard, or it could indicate more serious dental problems that need attention and care.
Flea and Tick control, Heartworm Prevention & Treatment - We stay informed of new products and or procedures to help keep these pests and parasites from your pet. We offer information to help you make the best decision for prevention, and the best products on the market for prevention. Should your pet become infected with heartworms, we offer carefully considered treatment plans to eliminate this parasite and return them to a healthy vibrant life.
Special Programs - Animal Care Clinic offers a variety of packages designed to make caring for your pet more convenient. Ask about our senior pet wellness program, and our kitten and puppy packages for the new friends in your family.
Referral Services - When necessary or desired we provide referral services to specialists in the area to help with your pet’s medical needs. Some of the specialists we have access to include the areas of oncology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, neurology, behavior, acupuncture and physical rehabilitation.